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Set the Scene for Outdoor Entertaining with Lighting


Josh Blatt

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More and more homeowners are looking to their outdoor living areas as key spaces to rest, relax, and entertain. Top priorities in design include style, comfort, and beauty – all of which are important factors when creating an outdoor scene where friends and family will feel welcomed and at ease.

A recent survey conducted by the leading interior design platform, Houzz, reported that 45 percent of homeowners listed “outdoor living” as the most valued aspect of their exterior design, while 48 percent listed “outdoor entertainment” as the most valued function of exterior areas.

Updating your lighting can greatly enhance decorative appeal, create ambiance, and increase comfort – all while adding to a relaxing and enjoyable space that is ideal for hosting others.

Blurring interior and exterior lines

The popularity of outdoor kitchens and living areas confirms that people want to do the things they love, like cooking and entertaining, while enjoying the beauty and comfort of their backyard environment. Whether it’s fireplaces, televisions or sofas, bringing favorite elements from the inside of your home – outside – can add to the satisfaction of the outdoors. The same goes with lighting; Incorporating unexpected decorative fixtures typically found indoors – such as a chandelier or a beautiful wall sconce – creates harmony when combining interior and exterior styles.

Josh Blatt - Owner Of John Henry Homes
Josh Blatt

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