Design Gallery

Welcome to the Design Gallery

Personalize Your New John Henry Homes

The John Henry Homes Design Gallery makes it fun and easy to personalize your new John Henry Home. Our professional decorator will take the time to learn your tastes and style to help you curate the right materials and colors for your  home. 

With a  wide variety of choices from many of the leading brands you have plenty of options to finish your home as you imagined. With infinite ideas for finishes and so many fun ideas on Pinterest and HGTV, we understand how overwhelming the selections can be. Our professional decorator has worked closely with our suppliers to be sure the Design Gallery showcases the latest trends and the most desirable finishes.  With her guidance you can relax and be assured your home will be spectacular.

Use the Design Gallery to make it your home!

1. Browse the Design Gallery

Your Market Manager can meet you at the Design Gallery so you can have an opportunity to browse it and familiarize yourself with the choices before your actual appointment.  This is a great way to begin planning for your appointment as you will become comfortable with the many interior and exterior choices we provide.

2. Schedule Your Appointment

After you have written your Agreement of Sale  and your preliminary architectural drawings have been approved,  our customer coordinator will work with you and our professional decorator to schedule your appointment.  Appointment times are available throughout the week during normal business hours.

3. Imagine Your Finished Home

Our professional decorator will help you coordinate the colors and choices of your finished home. It is helpful if you bring fabric swatches, pillows or other accessories that you are going to be decorating with.

4. Finalize Your Choices

Working with our professional decorator you will finalize the finishing details of your new home. Once the selections are finalized, we will begin moving forward with the building of your new home. Sit back and try to relax…before long, you will be able enjoy special memories with family and friends in your new home.