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Signature Design Center

Floor Plan

The spacious John Henry Homes Signature Design Center makes it easy for you to personalize your home with a wide array of decorating options. Our professional decorator will help you coordinate your interior and exterior options. We know how important your decorating options are and the pleasant atmosphere of the Signature Design Center and the professional guidance of our decorator is just another way we offer you a Better Home for a Better Value.

At the John Henry Homes Signature Design Center you will work with our professional decorator to finalize the finishing details of your new home.

The Design Process

  1. Browse the Design Center

    Your market manager can meet you at the Signature Design Center so that you have an opportunity to browse the design center before your actual appointment. This provides you a great way to familiarize yourself with the many interior and exterior choices we provide.

  2. Schedule Your Appointment

    After your write your Purchase Contract and your preliminary architectural blue prints have been approved, your market manager will work with you to set up an appointment with our decorator.

  3. Imagine Your Finished Home

    Our decorator will help you coordinate the colors and choices of your finished home. It is helpful if you bring fabric swatches, pillows or other accessories that you are going to be decorating your new home with.

  4. Finalize Your Choices

    Work with our decorator and finalize the finishing details of your new home. Once your selections are finalized, we will begin moving forward on the building of your new home. Sit back and try to relax...before long you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new home and take great pride in how together with our decorator, you were able to personalize it to the individual taste of your family.

John Henry Homes is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati and builds energy efficient new homes. Information on this website is for illustration purposes only and not part of a legal binding contract. Subject to change without notice.

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